Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New PlanetAndroid feed policy

Starting today I'll be removing most feeds that include embedded ads. Currently, I pay for PlanetAndroid's upkeep out of my own pocket, with no revenue coming in from ads or donations at all. When an ad appears in one of our feeds, it takes space away from the other articles and gets clicks based on the drawing power of the whole site, including feeds with no ads. That didn't seem fair.

I grandfathered in a handful of feeds for various reasons including new sites that need the extra juice that PlanetAndroid brings to help them get started. Some sites report that being listed on PlanetAndroid has doubled their traffic! If you feel your feed was unfairly removed, or if you make a new feed without the ads and want to re-join, just let me know. Thanks for your support.

What is this blog?

I'll be using this old blogger blog for PlanetAndroid announcements that I don't want to post on my regular ZDNet blog. Don't worry, there won't be too much traffic.

Wow, blogger has changed a lot since I last used it. The UI is completely different. Looks more "Google-y" if that's a word; more like GMail and